Rajaat was obsessed with returning the world to its Blue Age, an age when the world was covered by a vast ocean and ruled by halflings, the only intelligent native race besides thri-kreen. He orchestrated the extermination of all the "impure" Athasian races created since then, all but the halflings and the thri-kreen, through his immortal followers, the Champions. When the Champions learned that Rajaat intended to destroy the humans as well (the Champions had assumed that Rajaat was human like them, and believed that humans were the original race which he intended to rule the world) they rebelled against him. The rebels could not slay their master because of his vast and unparalleled knowledge of sorcery. Instead, they imprisoned him in a place called "The Hollow". Afterwards, in order to maintain Rajaat's prison, they worked in concert to turn one of their number, Borys of Ebe, into a fully-fledged dragon, capable of maintaining their erstwhile master's magical prison. Each of the remaining Champions stopped warring on their races and became Sorcerer-Kings of various City States.

Champions of RajaatEdit

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